Hi there and a happy new year 2015!

Today Dustplanet performed some under the hood changes.

Due to the fact that Teamspeak dropped support for MySQL and instead switched to MariaDB I was faced an issue. My choice to switch to MySQL last year was to maintain an data set which is easier to administrate for me and also all databases are kept in one place.

MariaDB is 100% compatible to plain (old) MySQL and I decided to switch to MariaDB.
Teamspeak is up and running again, but this WordPress instance needs some further testing. Please mail me any bugs you encounter – so far it looks good! 🙂
(and this was done in only 3 minutes of downtime – and one reboot in these 3 minutes!)

Thanks for reading and stay safe in this brand new year.


Teamspeak Upgrade, short downtime, DB switch

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