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Today I’m gonna show you my first chrome extension. It’s quite useful when you are working with Atlassian JIRA.

In case you work with JIRA alot, you might find the following things annoying: Opening a ticket when you are not on the JIRA site. Typing in the URL, deleting the old part, entering the new ticket ID, hit enter.
Luckily there is a Chrome extension to solve this issue!
With an easy shortcut you can bring up a little box, type just the ticket ID and hit enter.
Depending on your settings the new tab or current tab will be opened with the ticket.

There is also omni bar support, meaning you can type jira, press TAB and enter the ticket ID.
Your settings are synced across your profiles.

If there is enough demand, I’ll try to port it to firefox, too.

Check it out – I’m glad for reviews and open for features requests/bugs!

Download QuickJIRA from the Chrome Webstore.
Check out the source code on GitHub

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QuickJIRA – a chrome extension! (and my first one, too)

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