Howdy guys & girls,

some time ago I decided to switch to OpenELEC!

I’ve installed the NOOBS system to my SD card and decided a dual boot of OpenELEC and Raspbian would be nice.
Installation was/is easy as 1,2,3 and the only disadvantage of NOOBS is that you can’t add new or remove existing operation systems.

I took another look at BerryBoot but this piece of software didn’t install the nice OpenELEC version I wanted – with build in Bluetooth pairing! Yay!

One negative aspect was that the OpenELEC root password for SSH can’t be changed. Well at least the wiki says that 😉
Tech info: wrong. I changed it! (Separate post to follow)

The major advantage why I switched was the immense speed improvement.
With the turbo mode of my Pi and OpenELEC I’m much faster in the menus.

So far my reasons for switching.
I’ll explain some cool features/hacks in other posts 🙂


Why I switched to openELEC

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